Ayari Cosmetics, LLC Formulation Development & Private Label

We Are Committed To Your Success!

As a Specialist in formulation and manufacturing for the Personal Care Industry, Ayari Cosmetics, LLC will act as an extension of the clients' own company.

Our complete services cater to a variety of clients offering experienced guidance from concept to finished products. Whether you are looking to develop a complete line or specialty promotional items, or second-sourcing existing products, our development team will meet your needs. We custom develop your own ideas for you, offering over 25 years of experience in custom formulations.

Our extensive experience in formulation development technology and manufacturing of personal care products helps clients get their products to market on-time and on-budget. We strive to go the extra mile to meet the client's market needs. Our goal is to provide a turnkey service where clients want our help, leaving them free to focus on those areas where their company excels.

As your Private Label and manufacturing source, Ayari Cosmetic, LLC is committed to the success of your business. There are many good reasons to use Ayari Cosmetics, LLC as your development and manufacturing Source.

Ayari Cosmetics, LLC is instrumental and up-to-date in the latest hair and skin care technology focusing on the right ingredients for the right product.​​